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  • Hot Selling Disposable RFID tags

    Hot Selling Disposable RFID tags

    Disposable RFID tags are called “fragile security labels” in the anti-counterfeiting industry, it is an important type of self-adhesive labels. Due to the special nature of the fabric, after use, the tag can not be completely peeled off and reused, so this is why we called it disposab...
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  • RFID Ear Tag

    System features of RFID ear tag: RFID ear tags are animal electronic tags that use RFID technology to individually identify animals. It uses a fully automatic identification technology, which enables the animal identity code, so that quarantine personnel can easily obtain the relevant state of th...
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  • Monitoring Medical Waste with RFID Technology

    Monitoring Medical Waste with RFID Technology

    Monitoring Medical Waste with RFID Technology Medical garbage is badly handled and harmful   Medical waste belongs to hazardous waste, which contains a large number of harmful pathogens, toxic and harmful chemical pollutants, radioactive pollutants and other harmful substances, so it has gre...
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  • Jewelry tags

    Jewelry tags introduction: Due to the special nature of the material, it is waterproof, scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, etc. It is widely used in the counter display of jewellery, improving the grade of products, and also used in different industries such as watches, glasses and so on. Classif...
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  • What’s the real RFID technology?

    What’s the real RFID technology?

    RFID tags use small radio frequency identification devices to track and identify objects. The RFID tag system includes the tag itself, also known as a repeater; the scanning antenna and receiver, which are typically combined into a single reader, also known as an interrogator; and a host system a...
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  • Book Tag

    Book Tag Description: The Book Tag is used to inscribe the title of the book. It is usually attached to the upper left corner of the cover. Generally, there will be a book and the name of the inscription and the place where the mark is read. The sheet of the book is recorded in the book. With the...
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  • Jewelry Disposable RFID Tags

    Jewelry Disposable RFID Tags

    RFID tags for jewelry management is one of the most important components of operating a successful jewelry store. With the increasing demand to maintain the standards of operations in jewelry industry, mainly concerns are: – Quick and Accurate Stock Taking – Automated Billing and Integration with...
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  • Unbelievable! The jewels are actually set with a sand-sized RFID tag

    Unbelievable! The jewels are actually set with a sand-sized RFID tag

    With the development of the Internet of Things, RFID tag products have been diversified, costs have been greatly reduced, and competition has become increasingly fierce. In the past, at the IOTE 2018 held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, a woman from Hong Kong came to visit the e...
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  • Global Passive UHF Inlay Market 2019 – SMARTRAC, Avery Dennison Inc., Shang Yang RFID Technology, Alien Technology

    The Exploration study offers deep assessment of the Global Passive UHF Inlay Market and helps market participants to gain a solid base in the industry. The Research report presents a complete assessment of the market and contains Future trend, Current Growth Factors, attentive opinions, historica...
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  • Are There Tags that Can Be Embedded in Metal? — Ask The Experts Forum

    Yes, there are. In general, passive low-frequency (LF) tags work best in the presence of metal. Companies such as RFID, Inc. offer LF tags that can be embedded into a small hole drilled into a metal pipe or bar. Passive high-frequency (HF) tags can also work in metal. InfoChip manufactures tags t...
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  • Many companies strengthen security for stolen contactless cards

    Many companies strengthen security for stolen contactless cards

    Visa (smart card) is to bring all of its contactless transactions online this year across 10 European countries to give consumers “more control over their accounts” following calls from the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for banks to tighten the processes they undergo when a customer repo...
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  • UHF RFID Tags for metal surface

    UHF RFID Tags for metal surface

    SUNLANRFID invents a new metal UHF RFID tag that can serve as both a visual and digital tag for heavy and challenging equipment, vehicles and other assets and inventory typically found in challenging environments. The tag is made of anodized aluminum, can be mounted on metal and can transmit a si...
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