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Proximity Card

Proximity card application
Proximity card is a technology developed in recent years. It successfully combines RF technology and IC card technology. It is a non-contact IC card with no exposed chip on the surface. It is waterproof, antistatic and not easy to bend. Features, can be used both positively and negatively. When using a proximity card, the sensing speed is fast and easy to use.

At present, the proximity card can be used in the fields of charging, attendance, and access control. For example, in the gate access control, when using the proximity card to enter the door, simply attach the sensor card in the hand to the induction system of the gate, and when you hear the “drop”, you can easily enter the door. Many enterprises, schools, and the use of induction access control systems, mainly to easily control the entry and exit of personnel, convenient and efficient.




Post time: Sep-25-2019

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