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Application of RFID in medical disinfection

Application of RFID in medical disinfection


In recent years, in the medical industry, with the construction of hospital informatization and intelligent management and the continuous improvement of patients’ satisfaction with medical services, the continuous combination and improvement of hospital radio frequency identification (RFID) and hospital information technology (his) has provided greater convenience for patients and hospitals. RFID supply room instrument set traceability management system is to provide effective management guarantee for hospital disinfection and supply room. RFID RFID technology supply room instrument set traceability management system is based on the current situation of hospital disinfection and supply room management and its importance in the medical process. The system uses radio frequency identification (RFID), bar code technology and network technology. Through the use of this system, the management of disinfection supply room is scientific and the responsibility is clear.


The key technologies of RFID automatic identification industrialization mainly include: RFID tag chip design and manufacturing: such as low-cost, low-power RFID Chip design and manufacturing technology, new storage technology suitable for tag chip implementation, anti-collision algorithm and circuit implementation technology, chip security technology, and the integration technology of tag chip and sensor. Antenna design and manufacturing: such as RFID tag antenna matching technology, RFID tag antenna structure optimization technology for different application objects, multi tag antenna optimization technology, on-chip antenna technology, RFID reader smart beam scanning antenna array technology, and RFID tag antenna design simulation software.

Post time: Sep-07-2020

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