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Discussing the relationship between RFID tag and memory

For a long time, customers always ask how much information RFID tags can store, so it is very necessary to understand the relationship between RFID tags and memory. RFID is closely related to the structure of electronic tags. According to the difference of memory, the electronic tag can be divided into read-only tag, writable tag, password function tag and segmented storage tag. Among them, the grade of read-only electronic tag is the lowest, the electronic tag with password function and the electronic tag with subsection storage are higher.


Read only electronic tag


In the process of identification, the content can only be read out, and the non writable tag is read-only. The memory of read-only electronic tag is read-only memory.


When the RFID tag enters the working range of the reader, the tag begins to output its feature tag. Generally, the chip manufacturer guarantees to assign a unique serial number to each tag. The communication between electronic tag and RFID reader can only be carried out in one direction, that is, RFID electronic tag continuously sends its own data to RFID reader, but the reader cannot transmit data to the electronic tag. This kind of tag has simple function, simple structure and low price, so it is suitable for price sensitive occasions. Read only electronic tags are mainly used in animal identification, vehicle access control, temperature and humidity data reading and industrial data centralized control.

Post time: Nov-20-2020

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